This is the eighth of a series of articles written about Harrold People of the past 1,000 years.
Harrold People
Gilbert de Blosseville
The de Morin Family
The de Grey Family
The Earl of Harrold
The Covington Family: American Colonists
William Covington: Clockmaker
Georgian People of Harrold
Victorians at the Hall
Victorian People of Harrold


The following Harrold People also appear within the History Section
Dr Richard Mead
Anne Alston
Freddie Crouch: BlacKsmith
Caleb Lefevre Butcher



HMS Polyphemus the ship on which the Summerland brothers fought at Trafalgar and served as marines for 8 years (1804-1812)

The parliament clock above was
made by William Covington c. 1750
and has stood ijn the West End
Baptist Meeting Church in Stevington
for over two and a half centuries.

Harrold People in Georgian Times
(1714 - 1830)



Meet TheHarrold Green circa 1818 from a watercolour by Thomas Fisher

"Georgian People of Harrold"


Benjamin Allen - a fellmonger

Edward Abraham - a lace merchant

Lt Colonel Robert Garstin - The High Sheriff

William Covington - a clockmaker

Dr Richard Mead - The Royal Physician

Anne Joliffe - Philanthropist

Richard Clapham - a publican

Thomas Alston - gentleman

Margaret Lee (his mother) - heiress

Ezekiel Rouse - the vicar

The Earl of Harrold - Lord of the Bedchamber

William Woolstone - a yeoman

Charles (his grandson) - a cordwainer

Richard Summerland - a marine at Trafalgar

Samuel (his brother) - a marine at Trafalgar

James Garth - a farmer

Isaac West - Congregational minister

William Clayson a Farme

John Fairey - a lace merchant

& a cast of hundreds of ordinary folk


The action is spread over 116 years!







Anthony Grey, Earl of Harrold and 3rd Baron Lucas (1696-1723)

Dame Anne Joliffe (c.1649-1732)

Dr Richard Mead (1673-1754)-
Physician, Celebrity & Medicakl Pioneer

Captain Thomas Alston (1755-1823)

Margaret Lee of Harrold Hall
who became Lady Alston
when she married Sir Thomas Alston
and later married Lt Col Robert Garstin
in 1809.

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