This is the ninth of a series of articles written about Harrold People of the past 1,000 years.
Harrold People
Gilbert de Blosseville
The de Morin Family
The de Grey Family
The Earl of Harrold
The Covington Family: American Colonists
William Covington: Clockmaker
Georgian People of Harrold
Victorians at the Hall
Victorian People of Harrold


The following Harrold People also appear within the History Section
Dr Richard Mead
Anne Alston
Freddie Crouch: BlacKsmith
Caleb Lefevre Butcher



Victorian People of Harrold


Featuring a cast of

Victorian People in Harrold


Appearing at Harrold Hall (1841/1851/1861)


Major Richard Magenis: host & landed proprietor

The Earl of Belmore: Governor of New South Wales

The Hon. Armar Lowry-Corry: Admiral

Viscount Cole : Victorian Socialite

Captain Georges RN(retired)








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