Clergy Letter


The Clergy Letter.

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday which falls this year on March 1st.
Lent is our chance to look forward to Easter with joy and delight.  
In order to make the most of this God–given opportunity, we need both as individuals and as a church to decide what we intend to do.  Lent is an investment opportunity; a time to put our effort into our prayer, bible study, almsgiving, reflection and Christian practice.

What will you do this lent?

Some of our churches are running Lent groups.
We will be following the York Course entitled ‘Receiving Christ’. The course explores receiving Christ as children of God, in the stranger and the needy, in Holy Communion, in prayer and fellowship and in the Hope of God.  It nourishes and challenges us on our spiritual pilgrimage and we do hope that as many people as possible will take part and grow in their Faith.

As individuals, the opportunities are infinite.
We could read and reflect upon a passage of scripture.
We could put aside some money for a charity of our choosing beyond our everyday giving.
We could read a spiritual book. This year the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent book is called: “Dethroning Mammon”. In his book Archbishop Justin explores how we can be less materialistic and make more rom in our lives for Christ.
We could make a pilgrimage to a Holy Place in our diocese.
We could spend more time in silent prayer. 
We could learn to meditate.
Lent is not about being busy. Lent is not about doing.
Lent is about listening to God and receiving God through prayer, scripture and sacrament.
Lent is a space and a time that God is creating for you.

How will you use the time ahead to greet Easter Day with Joy and delight?
With God’s Blessing
Peter and Jacqueline

Peter Turnbull and Jacqueline Curtis
3 The Moor, Carlton MK43 7JR. Telephone 01234 720961.  Email: chellingtonteam@gmail.com 



















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