Harrold Genealogy


The Information in this section is currently still being gathered from a wide range of sources including Harrold Parish Registers, Census information relating to Harrold and various family trees compiled, either for articles iwithin this web-site or provided by individuals whose familes are included below.

We welcome contributions from people who have researched Harrold family details.

Below is just a random selection of the information currently available. It is envisaged that this section will gradually extend to become more comprehensive,

Harrold Marriages 1837-1901

Harrold Baptisms (1588 to 1633)

Harrold Baptisms (1634 to 1646)

Gilbert de Blosseville (Domesday Lord of the Manor) -Descendant Chart

Basile de Mauduit (13th Century Prioress of Harrold) Family Tree

Anne Alston (Early 18th Century owner of Harrold Hall and wife of Dr Richard Mead) - Ancestral Tree

The Last Lords of Harrold Manor - the Barons and Baronesses Lucas (1663-1916)

Major Richard Magenis (occupant of Harrold Hall -1841-1864) - Ancestral Chart

Edgar Clayson JP (Harrold builder and property owner) - Ancestral Chart












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