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Harrold Medical Practice

The modern surgery in Peach's Close opened in 1991


Dr. Frances Ross
Dr. M. G. Limond
Peach’s Close
MK43 7DX
Tel: 01234 720225
Fax: 01234 720603


Emergency Out of Hours (Monday to Friday 6.30pm-8.00am and Friday 6.30pm-Monday 8.00am)

0845 850 0734

Emergency In Hours (Monday to Friday 8am-6.30pm)

01234 721015






Harrold's First Great Physician: Dr Richard Mead of Harrold Hall

A Portrait by Alan Ramsay (1740)

The licensing and purchase of this image was generously sponsored by Harrold Medical Practice

This image is obtained on licence from the copywright holder, The National Portrait Gallery, London and may not be reproduced, transmitted or stored in any form or in any retrieval system without the written consent of the copyright holder

To find out more about Dr Richard Mead click here







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