Barbel 9lb 6oz, Gt Ouse, Odell, August 2007

Bream 10lb 2oz , Radwell Pits, July 2007




Fishing in North Bedfordshire between Turvey and Oakley

By Bob Tate

North Beds is blessed with one of the finest coarse fishing rivers in England, namely the River Great Ouse. The Ouse rises to the west of Buckingham and meanders its way to The Wash. The fishing between Turvey and Bedford, (about 30 miles of river) is controlled by a number of clubs and syndicates, some open to all and some closed shops. Apart from the Embankment in Bedford Town and the small area in Harrold below the mill there is little or no free fishing on the river, but before fishing at all, an EA Fishing Licence is required, available at all Post Offices.

The river is quite varied in character and there are weirs at Harrold, Sharnbrook, Oakley and Bromham and the river is typically deep and slow above the weirs and streamy and gravel bottomed below.

The predominant species in the river are Chub, Barbel, Bream, Pike and Perch with occasional Roach and Dace. The size of the fish has increased steadily over the last 30 years and Chub to over 5lb and Barbel over 10lb are not uncommon and 7lb and 15lb specimens are caught each year from local waters. Unfortunately the fish are not easy to catch. The average size of the fish tends to be large so there is not that great a number of fish and even an experienced angler will be lucky to get a net full !

The best way to get started on local fishing is to find a local tackle shop and join a club.
Vauxhall AC is £37 for a senior member and they have waters at Radwell, Sharnbrook, Felmersham, Kempston, Willington and have very recently acquired fishing in Harrold Country Park. Altogether there are about 8 miles of river and 6 mature gravel pits at Radwell. These pits contain bream to 13lb, tench to 12lb and carp to over 40lb. The Club book has details of all the fisheries with access, parking and a few tips as well.
Blunham AC, adult membership £40, has waters locally at Oakley on the weir itself and a nice stretch further downstream as well as waters in the east of the county

Local Tackle Shops:

Tavistock Angling, Tavistock Street, Bedford

Country Sports, Priory Marina, Bedford

Sportsmans Lodge, London Road, Bedford

Bleak Hall Sports, Kempston

Local Clubs Open To All:

Vauxhall AC (Search through Google, etc. )

Blunham AC ( )














Tench 7lb 4oz, Radwell Pits, July 2007

Chub 5lb 12oz, Gt Ouse, Radwell, August 2007





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