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Arts and Entertainment - So Much Going on!



Within about a half hour's drive from Harrold there is an amazing wealth of entertainment and cultural events and facilities.

Four theatres offer the best in drama or spectacular musical productions and are used by touring opera or ballet companies. National and international orchestras perform in seasons of concerts and individual musicians, artistes and performers provide exciting live entertainment. A nationally famous concert venue and an internationally renowned orchestra are located in the local area.

Within the area there are more than twenty local museums and art galleries. Some of these preserve, not only local, but national heritage (such as Bletchley Park and The Bunyan Museum). Music is presented not only in the theatres and concert venues but throughout the local area through special music or art festivals. More than sixty cinema screens provide opportunities to see the latest movies.

This web site aims to illustrate the range of entertainment and cultural opportunites and to provide links to these wherevever possible.









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