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Local Music Venues


Within 30 minutes drive from Harrold are the following music venues. Click on each venue for further details.

Hill House Farm,

This is a venue for Summer concerts. The series provides fine music of all kinds played in peaceful surroundings.

Castle Way,

This venue offers a variety of musical events, including opera, ballet, symphony concerts and jazz.
St. Paul's Square, Bedford

Bedford Corn Exchange is one of Bedfordshire's most popular venues. The Main Auditorium hosts a varied programme of live entertainment throughout the year, complemented by performances in the smaller Civic Theatre and Harpur Suite. You can enjoy comedy, light entertainment, drama and classical music including performances from the world class Philharmonia Orchestra who hold a residency here.
Guildhall Road, Northampton

A large and recently refurbished venue which attracts music of all kinds, including ballet from top touring companies, symphony orchestras, opera, West-end musicals and popular performers.
Watling Street, Milton Keynes

The National Bowl is a Major entertainment venue located in the modern city of Milton Keynes. It is a massive outdoor venue which can hold 65,000 people. 1992 saw the addition of a huge sound stage which enabled it to attract some major stars
Marlborough Gate, Central Milton Keynes

The theatre accommodates a vast range of productions, from large-scale West End musicals, to symphony concerts, ballet and opera (including an annual visit from Glyndebourne on Tour and the Welsh National Opera).


The Laine Dankworth Centre
Stockwell Lane
Milton Keynes

The Stables is Milton Keynes' premier live music venue offering excellent
live music for all tastes - jazz, blues, folk, rock, classical, pop and
world music. A wonderful purpose-built auditorium seats 396 people









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