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Local Theatres

Within a half hour's car drive from Harrold there are four theatres each offering a full professional theatrical programme.

To the Castle Theatre, Wellingborough

To the Royal Theatre, Northampton
To the Derngate Theatre, Northampton
To Milton Keynes Theatre

Travel a little further and an evening's entertainment could be chosen from the greatest theatrical selection in the world. This includes the entire London programme as well as Stratford-upon-Avon plus theatres in Cambridge, Oxford, Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Peterborough, Nottingham, etc.

Now Showing in London theatres

Amateur theatres are also found locally, including The Mill Theatre in the nearby village of Sharnbrook and within the town of Bedford there is The Place.

Alternatively, theatre-goers could enjoy the regular performances of our very own local drama group:- AdHoc - see Clubs & Organisations






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