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Chairman: Andrew Shirley
Treasurer: Helen Vaughan
Secretary : Helen Richards

Simon Guy, Kemal Hussain,
Drew Gwillam, Steve Breed,
Maurice Walker, Jill White

Growing your own fruit, vegetables and flowers is a great way to provide your family with healthy food and add colour to your homes. It is also a wonderful way to enjoy the fresh air and give your kids some valuable time away from their computer screens, smart phones and tablets.

The Harrold Allotments Association is a friendly group of gardeners based at "The Gripes" on land owned by St Peter's Church. This is located just off the track that extends beyond Wood Lane at the top of Orchard Lane which joins the High Street next to Harrold Butchers.

We manage about 35 plots and currently have several spare of various shapes and sizes available to anybody looking to grow their own produce in an informal environment surrounded by fields and wildlife.

Our rents are incredibly reasonable!

To find out more please contact any member of the committee or email us at












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