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Photographic Tour of Harrold

Footpaths Within The Village


Two major footpaths run from east to west. They are parallel, one to the north of the High Street and one to the south. Both start their eastern ends opposite entrances to the Country Park.

The Southern Path - starts opposite the main entrance to the Country Park in Carlton Road - runs through the cemetary >the Church Yard > through the Lytch Gate >towards The Wellocks >past the Lower Green (common land by the river) > up to the Green (past the Lock-up > the journey can then continue westwards across The Green to School Lane >past The entrance to the School and onto Mowhills > The High Street on the fringe of the village

The Northern Path (known as Backway) -starts opposite the Country Park entrance in Odell Road > across Dove Lane > over a little bridge along the banks of the stream > over Roman Paddock > still along the banks of the stream to The Centre on the corner of High Street and Brook Lane. An interesting village walk can then continue up Brook Lane and through one of several alley ways into Orchard Lane and back to the High Street. (or carry on up Brook Lane until it peters out into just a footpath then onto Wood Lane and onwards to the woods)
















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