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Quentin House (on the northern side
of The Green)

The Old Smithy (on the western side
of The Green)







The Green


The Green (From a watercolour circa 1820)

Harrold Green is at the heart of the village, the centre pece of village events and the site of the markets and fairs of years gone by. The 18th Century Buttermarket still stands in the centre and the19th Century village Lock-up , Old Smithy, Old Courthouse and old school building are reminders of the past from which it has evolved. The watercolour above was painted in around 1820 and shows the Green at that time without the trees which are such a feature of today. Missing too are the Lock-up (built circa 1824) and the 1920s war memorial.

The Green today (with trees and 19th Century Lock-up)




The Eighteenth Century Buttermarket

Cottages on the eastern side of The Green

The Lock-up ( built in 1824)



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