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Photographic Tour of Harrold

The Lanes of Harrold


It is easy to pass through Harrold along the High Street without realising that much of the village character is in the lanes which lead off the main thoroughfare (and the paths and alley ways which interconnect these.

From the Harrold Centre walk along Brook Lane with its stream flowing towards the High Street. Tiny bridges cross over to charming cottages.

Cut through the "Gannels" to Orchard Lane to see the village's smallest cottage, The Doll's House and the half-timbered Dickens House.

Walk along Church Walk, Dove Lane, School Lane and Mansion Lane to see other aspects of the village. Alternatively, Stroll up New Road or Wood Road to explore the countryside


The Dolls House, Orchard Lane





Orchard Lane

Brook Lane

Mansion Lane

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